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About Our Studio

  • Our waiting area is a peaceful room with deep celestial blues, ruby reds, emerald greens, and solar golds. It is a place with roots and wings, there's earthy elements and heavenly symbols all around. We have a small take-a-book-leave-a-book library you can look through for adults and children, as well as some oracle decks you can do readings with. 

  • We have a state-of-the-art piercing room that provides semi or full privacy. It has a very grounded, earthy energy, like walking into a storybook and finding yourself in a shamanic sanctuary. There are apothecary bottles with potions, paintings with mysterious stories, and mystical relics with many meanings. This room is painted in multiple shades of greens that feel like morning in an enchanted forest. It is an energizing, happy, and uplifting space. Where the apothecary is very moon-like and the waiting area is very astral, the piercing room is like the sun.

  • Our apothecary room is cast in the color of violets during the witching hour. The artwork is romantic and pre-raphelite, taking inspiration from floriography and alchemy. It feels very lunar, heart-centered, and expansive. There are a variety of offerings that are outlined in more detail on our "apothecary" section.

  • We have a fully-equipped sterilization room that includes a new ultrasonic and autoclave. All piercing tools are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized prior to any piercing and are opened in front of the client. (All needles are disposable, one-time use and immediately discarded in a medical-grade sharps container after a piercing is completed.)

  • The studio has an extensive, high-quality jewelry collection featuring implant-grade surgical steel and titanium pieces. We also do custom orders for jewelry we don't carry in-studio. Our ear lobe jewelry includes both crystal and opal topped butterly-back posts in a variety of colors. All earlobe posts are implant-grade titanium. 

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