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About Us

Tyler & Clarissa

IMarch 2021, we opened Sacred Alchemy Body Arts as the first piercing-only studio in southeast Idaho. 

Tyler has fourteen years of experience as a body modification artist in Idaho Falls. Popular for his friendly, outgoing personality, and highly-skilled piercings, he has established a diverse and beloved clientele in southeast Idaho, as well as people who travel from Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Washington to see him. His furthest clients come from Pennsylvania and Louisiana. He enjoys learning the shamanic arts of healing and demonstrates both heart and art in every piercing, branding, or other body modifications. 

Clarissa has two years of piercing apprenticeship experience, with completed training on ear lobe, helix, conch auricle, nose, and nipple piercings. In addition to these, she is currently finishing her training experience on other piercings under Tyler's direction and will announce as she adds more to her portfolio. When she's not piercing, you can find her managing the front desk, helping clients with purchases, teaching aftercare, and doing jewelry changes at our jewelry swap station. Clarissa graduated with honors from the CEI Registered Nursing program and loves the intersection of science and beauty that comes with piercing; her favorite thing about piercing is seeing clients' happiness and making the studio into a cozy place people feel welcomed and valued. She also runs the apothecary, a witchy room with mystical offerings. She will soon be offering her own batches of handmade candles and solid perfumes.



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