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Piercing Services


In cooperation with Idaho State Law, Section 18-1523the client must present with valid ID for any piercing (excluding children's earlobes, which requires parental ID) that includes photo and DOB.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

Drivers License/State ID



Drivers license/State ID

Birth certificate (to verify DOB) with one of the following: A) a yearbook picture, B) school activity card, C) drivers permit. If you have the required documentation on your phone (ex. A picture or PDF of a birth certificate) we will accept this as well.

Age requirements for piercings:

5-13 years old: ear lobes (with parent or legal guardian present+ID)

14-17 years old: See piercings listed below (excludes 18+ category). Parent or legal guardian must be present+ID AND minor must also have acceptable ID.

18 and up: Any listed, must present with personal ID.

Additional Things to Know

We perform ear lobe piercings for children 5 years and older, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Minors 14 years and older must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian and BOTH parent and minor must provide the required ID (excluding ear lobes, only parental ID required). NO EXCEPTIONS.

You are responsible for providing the required ID for any and all piercings. WE WILL NOT PIERCE YOU OR YOUR CHILD WITHOUT IT. Please come prepared and be considerate.

Price includes jewelry

Ear Piercings

Antitragus: $55
Conch: $55
Daith: $60
Earlobe(s): $35/lobe or $75 per set
Helix: $55
Forward helix: $55 
Rook: $60
Snug: $60
Tragus $55
Industrial: $60
Flat/Outer Conch: $55
Surface Tragus: $55
Transverse lobe: $50/lobe or $100 per set
Dermal conch: Starts at $100

piercings for ears.jfif

Nose Piercings

Nostril: $55

Upper nostril: $75 each 

Septum: $60

Bridge: $75 (know that it can be difficult to create the appearance of a perfectly straight bridge piercing, due to the natural asymmetry of the face)

nose piercings.jpg

Lip Piercings

Jestrum: $65
Labret: $55
Snake bites: $110/pair
Medusa/philtrum: $55
Canine bites: $110
Angel bites: $110
Cyber bites: $110
Spider bites: $110
Madonna/Monroe: $55
Vertical labret: $65
Dolphin bites: $110
Horizontal lip: $80
Ashley piercing: $80
Shark bites: $220


Click picture to read more by Body Candy

Facial Piercings

Anti-eyebrow: $55

Cheek/dimple: $120/set

Eyebrow: $55

Horizontal eyebrow: $55

Tongue Piercings

Standard tongue: $55

Frenulum/webbing: $65

Frownie: $65

Smiley: $65

Torso Piercings

Nipple (Adult): $60/single or $120/set

Belly Button: $55


Neck nape: $65

Dermal(s): $55

Genital Piercings



Ampallang: $200
Apadravya: $200
Dydoe: $150
Foreskin: $100
Frenum/Ladder: $100 for first rung and $30 for each additional rung (same sitting)
Hafada piercing: $100
Lorum piercing: $100
Prince Albert: $100

Reverse Prince Albert: $150


Christina: $120
Clitoral hood (VCH): $100
Fourchette: $150
Labia: $100 for first, $30 for each additional (same sitting)

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