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Outline of Perspective
A brief Introductory essay on fundamental Occultism 


My beliefs on witchcraft, magick, and mysticism
I am primarily interested in symbols and correspondences as a means by which the Self comes to learn more of its own being and the structure of nature, thereby appreciating the interconnectness between both. Symbols are highly beneficial, and I would say essential, to translating abstract concepts into a readable format. I view scripture, myth, ritual, legend, Shakespeare, fairytales, qabalah, epics, and tarot as symbols that convey these abstractions into stories and images that anyone can understand while having a continual mystery. There is always something new that can be learned from them. The best symbols can be read in many ways yet maintain their integrity throughout each lens.

I believe that the tools of a magician are secondary to the will and action of the magician. The tool does not have power on its own, it is however quite useful, especially for a beginner or even just for fun. You do not need a wand to perform a spell but it can help you learn how to concentrate your will towards something. It is true that the best magicians don't need tools, but all magicians can enjoy them and derive great meaning from them.

Defining Magick
I define magick as the limitless , peculiar energy that can be harnessed to effect change in ways that would be considered miraculous. I define a miracle as an event that goes better than could've been expected from a secular viewpoint, and that cannot be explained using conventional methods.


Defining Witchcraft
I define witchcraft as the practical application of intention to achieving manifested results in an artistic and mindful way. 

On Rationalism in the Occult
I am neither superstitious or sectarian; I interpret the rich and beautiful symbolism of religion, myth, and ritual as exactly that-symbolism. I am not a literalist in any other way than believing that myths are stories about ourselves where the characters are archetypes that live within our consciousness and the events are attempts to describe and elucidate the process of learning and growth the soul experiences in its journeys and adventures. 
As I presently understand it, we can be thought of as a composite of multiple "selves" (ego, soul, and spirit tend to be the most frequently used terms but can differ depending on the culture and tradition). This makes us, at least, all one in our Spirit dimension and very similar in Soul, albeit with diverse manifestations that are most evident in the ego. What this means is that when we study esoteric texts, scriptures, et cetera, we are engaged in the study of those composite selves, which go through the same stages of development no matter the individual differences and have been creatively documented in the forms of myths. It could be thought of as studying spiritual embryology; all humans go through the same stages of development, no matter how different they are as individuals. So it goes with occult studies. It is ultimately the study of the Self, which is the study of everything that is.


Beliefs can and should evolve. 

On Deity
Gods and goddesses are very real, literal beings and the evidence of this is that you exist. This is the most essential thing you can understand, and yet the most misunderstood.

Earth as a School
I believe that nature is a brilliant school that gives us a vast amount of resources by which we can study the essence of being; an example of this is studying the qualities of different herbs, flowers, and plants to create incense, oils, teas that affect our physical and spiritual health. How is the soul like a rose? What are the mysteries of mugwort? What can be learned from a dandilion? Studying nature in this way is a means to reclaim one's childlike wonder and imagination, which interestingly gives maturity and depth to our being. 


Heaven and Hell, and other planes of existence
I believe we are multidimensional beings; meaning, we are not simply reptiles operating from the "old brain", animals operating from the "animal brain", humans operating from the neo-cortex, astral bodies from the subconscious, souls from the supraconscious, or spirit from the infinite All. We are all of these, and to discount one is to disrespect the whole. We are strengthened by our love for all parts of our being; you go nowhere attempting to "kill off" parts of yourself. You can only alchemize your attributes, you cannot destroy them. If each person committed to this inner self-transformation, I believe the world would be restored to a paradise. Hell is the result of failure to successfully integrate one or more aspects of our being. Heaven is the successful integration of all of them. These are states of mind, or better put: "The Kingdom of God is within you"


On Respect

Your ability to love yourself is proportional to your ability to love others. You should and must love yourself. You should live your life with honor, dignity, and courage. You should respect yourself and hold yourself in high esteem. You should find inspiration and motivation within yourself, and help others to do the same. 


The divine qualities within you enable your existence. Without this energy, life is not possible. In practical terms, you can picture this as you existing outside of and beyond this time/space physical experience in a perfected state, and this higher you is what gives your human self, your physical "avatar" life. Your human self is created in likeness of your higher self, though your higher self is not affected by entropy, illness, injury, or death. The physical self only experiences these things because of the nature of a world where empty "pockets" of reality exist; places where divine energy has withdrawn. The human body, earthly body, are weakened when this happens, which makes otherwise perfect bodies susceptible to otherwise "harmless pathogens", not unlike how a weakened immune system makes people vulnerable to everyday viruses and bacteria that normally have no power over them. Life on earth for the soul is similar to us trying to terraform Mars in its present state; the soul comes from perfection, and coming into an imperfect plane of existence is a foreign, alien experience. People can experience this as a feeling of "homesickness" or longing for somewhere their soul remembers.

The divine exists within multiple kingdoms, not only the human species. This means that God is able to be both singular and dual in nature; God interacts with God in creation.


When a tear, vacuum, hole, or other injury takes place in the universe (for lack of a better term), this absence is experienced as "evil". Where divine energy withdraws, evil is perceived. Meaning, when someone acts against their divine nature, their acts are evil=devoid of divine energy. Evil is the cause of suffering. Suffering is the spiritual version of pain, that alerts beings to an injury that requires attention. In this case, the presence of suffering points out that the physical world is fallen. In a perfect world, there may be learning, discipline, work, and challenges. But they are not accompanied by suffering/evil. These are 2D/3D limited injuries that do not exist in higher dimensions. I understand this is written in a very clunky, abstract way and will refine it with time because I don't feel it fully communicates what I'm trying to say.


Only love is real, and recognizing that we have been born into a world of illusion gives rise to the understanding that such a world is in a fallen state and exists in a state of "un-realness". Therefore, we are individually tasked with repairing it through repairing the fallen aspects of ourselves that are not inherent within us, but inherited from ancestors before us. We heal our ancestry by healing what our ancestors did not, and having a physical body gives us the means to do this in a way that being a non-physical being cannot. 

It is often repeated in esoteric texts that Love created the circle and completes the circle. Love is the reason for Life and this will only become more evident because it is the absolute truth.

Things I don't vibe with
I do not lend my support to any dogma that distorts, reverses, or inverts universal laws for purposes that harm the earth, disrespect animals, offend the dignity of the human being or question the innocence or existence of the soul. Examples of such are "all is love, therefore there is no evil", "if a person suffers then they attracted it to them/agreed to it in their soul contract/are receiving karma for being bad in another life", "there is no such thing as objective truth", "suffering is what makes people better", "illumination/samadhi/enlightenment is accepting you are nothing and have no desires"; any attempts to justify, rationalize, exhonerate, or celebrate a perpetrator of abuse  or abuse itself  as some sort of "divine will" playing out falls into this category. I condemn these false teachings as vipers on the mystical path that cause fools to fall backwards, and have no respect for their so-called prophets, who see the shadow of a tree and mistake it for the tree itself or hang upside-down and conclude the earth sits above the heavens. 


A few riddles about Life on Earth
"“You have known, O Gilgamesh,
What interests me,
To drink from the Well of Immortality.
Which means to make the dead
Rise from their graves
And the prisoners from their cells
The sinners from their sins.
I think love's kiss kills our heart of flesh.
It is the only way to eternal life,
Which should be unbearable if lived
Among the dying flowers
And the shrieking farewells
Of the overstretched arms of our spoiled hopes.”

The world was manifested through divine contraction. Lurianic kabbalists refer to this concept as "Tzim Tzum"

The earth was manifested through chaos and natural evolution.


The "veil" is a metaphor for the concealment of God in the world. The "lifting of the veil" refers to God's visible presence being revealed in the world. It could also be referred to as a "revelation", "rebirth", or "resurrection". If you know, then you know.

Life is a stage where you forgot that you're a character... and so is everyone else. If you don't like the play, flip the script. 

"“Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.”

Donald D. Hoffman, "The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes"

"'And who are you, Love?' says Reason, 'Are you not also one of the Virtues, and one of us, even though you be above us?' Love: 'I am God, says Love, for Love is God, and God is Love, and this Soul is God through its condition of Love, and I am God through my divine nature, and this Soul is God by Love’s just law. So that this my precious beloved is taught and guided by me, without herself, for she has been changed into me. And this is the outcome, says Love, of being nourished by me.'”

marguerite Porete, "The Mirror of Simple Souls"

Life is a mystery.

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